The Canadian business community is one of the most diverse in the world and therefore the Canadian management style needs to reflect this by being leaner and as open and accepting as possible. The Canadian Centre for Business Intelligence (TCCBI) is a globalized business-consulting firm that is dedicated to assisting Canadian managers and business owners to further develop and implement the Canadian business style throughout their local, national and international operations. TCCBI’s online business consulting services are free and include the experience and support of business consultants from around the world who are ready to transform your business concerns into innovative solutions..

The Canadian Centre for Business Intelligence (TCCBI) is a Canadian owned and operated company based in Toronto, Ontario. TCCBI was developed to support Canadian managers and business owners operating nationally and around the world to grow their customer bases, streamline operations and improve their overall performance.  TCCBI provides splutions and strategies based on specific questions received by our clients.


I have been a manager in the retail industry for over 10 years and have faced my share of staffing issues. TCCBI’s Exit Strategy literally changed the way I managed people and could very well have saved our company from some legal battles with disgruntled staff over dismissals. TCCBI’s exit strategy is so clearly laid out that even someone with no human resources experience can expertly tailor their team and encourage excellence.



Toronto, ON